In 2010, I started ethicalDeal with a mission to make green mainstream. Over the past few years, with your support, we have grown ethicalDeal to be one of the leading online destinations of its kind in Canada.

In the last 4.5 years, I’ve bootstrapped ethicalDeal to a community of 100,000+ green consumers and promoted over 1,000+ green businesses. In addition to our green deals, we provided our community members with green living content through our blog and engaged with over 20,000 of our members on social media. I am proud of what we accomplished.

In any entrepreneur’s journey, opportunities, passion and ability to execute come into play as a business continues to grow. Such is the case with ethicalDeal. The success of ethicalDeal led me to the opportunity that is SocialNature – a social product sampling community that helps people #trynatural.

SocialNature was inspired by the ethicalDeal community’s strong desire to try more natural products and everyday green essentials like food, skincare, and cleaning products. Our goal with SocialNature is to inspire millions of people to #trynatural through the power of social media and word-of-mouth.

Since launching SocialNature in 2014, we’ve quickly gained momentum. I was soon faced with a difficult decision as I wasn’t able to give my 110% to both ventures. So I decided to look for a new owner for my established business ethicalDeal. After a lengthy search, we are proud to announce that ethicalDeal will be joining the nCrowd family.

nCrowd is the third largest North American online player in the local deals space, behind Groupon and LivingSocial. nCrowd believed in our members and wanted to grow our community alongside their business. I do believe that at this stage ethicalDeal has a better chance of growing within the nCrowd family, than us going at it alone.

Although I won’t be involved in the day-to-day of ethicalDeal, I am continuing my mission to make green mainstream. The sale of ethicalDeal allows me to focus on SocialNature. I plan to carry forward all the lessons I learned from ethicalDeal and strive to give millions of people access to greener choices through SocialNature.

To those in the ethicalDeal community, thank you for your support through the years. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to green business owners who give you credit for voting with your dollar and supporting the launch and growth of green businesses. I hope you’ve enjoyed trying new green products and services at an introductory price, and hopefully you’ve been inspired to try new things. The variety of deals provided by nCrowd will give you a one-stop shop for finding new great things to try out and local businesses to support.

To our loyal merchants that want to make green mainstream, your audience has now increased from tens of thousands to millions of consumers! As a fellow small business owner, I applaud your courage and passion. I hope to continue to see your businesses grow.

Onwards and upwards! ~ Annalea Krebs, CEO @socialnature #trynatural